Admin Commands

The following are commands that can be executed in any EDM game by an admin.
NOTE: Some commands have "Admin" in front, and some do not. This is not a typo. Pay attention to which ones need it and which ones do not.

"Admin" prefixed commands
Admin KickID (ID) Kicks a player whose ID# matches (ID)
Admin BanID (ID) Bans a player whose ID# matches (ID)
Admin MuteID (ID) (TIME) Mutes a player whose ID# matches (ID) for (TIME) seconds
Admin BanIP (IP) Ban an IP
Admin Unban (IP/NAME) Unban someone by their IP or the name they had when they were banned
Admin Skip Skips the current map
Admin AddMap (MAPNAME) Add a map to the map list
Admin ModifyMap (MAPNUMBER) (NEWNAME) Modify the map that is the (MAPNUMBER)th map on the list to become (NEWNAME). Map numbers can be obtained from the map voting window
Admin RemoveMap (MAPNUMBER) Remove the map that is the (MAPNUMBER)th map on the list
Admin MoveMap (MAPSTART) (MAPEND) Move the map in slot (MAPSTART) to slot (MAPEND)
Admin ClearPassword Clear the GamePassword for the server
Admin RemovePoints (ID) (POINTS) Remove (POINTS) from the score of the player whose ID# matches (ID)
Admin RemoveDeaths (ID) (DEATHS) Remove (DEATHS) from the death count of the player whose ID# matches (ID)
Admin ResetScores Reset all scores and deaths to 0
Admin EDMDeathMatch Change the server to a Deathmatch game
Admin EDMTeamGame Change the server to a Teamgame
Admin SetMOTD (LINE) (MESSAGE) Change the message on a certain line of the MOTD. For example, Admin SetMOTD 1 Hi would set "Hi" as the message of the first line of the MOTD. Line can be between 1 and 3
Admin Middlesay (TYPE) (MESSAGE) Say a message in different spots on the screen. You can change (TYPE) to any number between 0 and 7 to change the spot where the message appears
Admin GetMutList Returns a list of all mutators in the EstablishedMutators array and their corresponding index numbers
Admin AddMut (NEWMUTATORCLASS) Adds a new mutator class into the EstablishedMutators array
Admin RemoveMut (MUTATORINDEX) Removes the mutator in index (MUTATORINDEX) from the EstablishedMutators array. Mutators indexes can be obtained from the Admin GetMutList command

Non "Admin" prefixed commands
AdminTalk (MESSAGE) Say a (MESSAGE) that can only be read by other admins
SummonP (ID) The player whose ID# matches (ID) will appear in front of the admin who types this
PSummon (ID) The admin who typed this will appear in front of the player whose ID# matches (ID)
Walk Fixed "Walk" command. This can now be used after using Fly or Ghost to properly return to walking mode
ChangeSetting (Setting) (Value) Change any setting in the GameType, GameReplicationInfo, or TCP/IP settings. This includes things like AdminPassword, MaxPlayers, ServerName, MaxTicksPerSecond, etc. For example, ChangeSetting AdminPassword newPassword would change the admin password to "newPassword"
GetSetting (Setting) Like the ChangeSetting command, only it returns the current value of the setting in question. For example, GetSetting AdminPassword would return the current value of AdminPassword
ListBanned Returns a list of all currently banned IPs/Names
LogSearch (IP/NAME) Searches all log entries for any matching IP's beginning with (IP) or any names matching (NAME). If any match if found, the entire log entry is returned
BoardStyle Rotates the admin information display on the scoreboard between IP, Computer Name, Engine Version, and blank
ShowAdmins Toggles admin display on the scoreboard. Any admins will have a purple asterik next to their name when this is true

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