Client Commands

These are commands that players in an EDM game can execute.

PS (ID) (MESSAGE) Send (MESSAGE) to the player whose ID# matches (ID). You can also start private conversations by double clicking on a player's name in the player list in the console.
SetStatus (STATUS) Changes your status. Acceptable statuses are Present, Away, Sleeping, or Eating. This can also be set in the Client Options tab in the console
VoteMap (MAPNUMBER) Cast a vote for the map whose map index matches (MAPNUMBER)
VoteMut (MUTATORNUMBER) Cast a vote for the mutator whose mutator index matches (MUTATORNUMBER)
AdminLogin (ADMINPASSWORD) Log in as admin on the server. Admin log-ins are not announced to the server, but they are announced to other admins
AdminLogout Quite simple - log out of admin
SetConsoleTyped (ANYTHING!) If you bind this to a key, then (ANYTHING!) will be typed for you when you push it. For example, binding SetConsoleTyped Say ^0^ to a key will automatically type Say ^0^ when you push it, so your text can always be in red
SetVoice (VOICEPACKCLASS) This will set the client's current voicepack class to (VOICEPACKCLASS). The client will be notified if the class was successfully used or if it failed to load
VoiceSay (SOUNDINDEX) If the client has a voice class set, then this command will say the sound that is in index (SOUNDINDEX)
SpecSay (MESSAGE) A command to allow spectators to speak to other spectators. Obviously this is only accessible by spectators

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