Running EDM Mutators

This page describes how to add mutators to your EDM server. If you do not know what ServerPackages are, please read this first.

So, you wanna run some mutators on your EDM server? By now you should be aware of the "EstablishedMutators" section that exists inside your EnhancedDM.ini. This is the place where you put the class names for the mutators you'd like to run. Where do you find out the class names, you ask? Well, you can find out everything you need to know about every mutator included with EDM here. That link will tell you the class names of every mutator and whether the mutator should be put into your ServerPackages. Once you have the class name correctly entered in the EstablishedMutators section in EnhancedDM.ini, and you have the package entered in your ServerPackages (if required), then you can start your server up and the mutator should be running :) The EstablishedMutators section supports up to 50 simultaneous mutators.

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