EDM6 Server Settings

This page describes the different settings that an admin can configure on their EDM server. The page breaks down each group of settings by the ini file that the settings are found in, and then further breaks them down by sections within that ini file.




AdminPassword The admin password of the server. DO NOT use the admin password that is set under UnrealShare.DeathMatchGame to try and log in as admin - it will be overridden by this one.
GamePassword A password to enter the game. The same rule as the AdminPassword applies here - DO NOT use the one in UnrealShare.DeathMatchGame.
UT_Air_Control When enabled, players will have the amount of air control that they would have in UT.
MapVote Enables/disables the ability for clients to vote for a map.
MapVotePercent The percent of players that must vote on a map for it to change.
ScoreRecovery Enables/disables score recovery. NOTE: "Score Recovery" also applies to deaths :P
CheckDownloaders Enables/disables downloader checking. When enabled, the server will track and report about people that are downloading off the server
TopMOTD A "message of the day" that will be displayed on top of people's scoreboards. There are three different lines for three different messages. This can only be configured from the EnhancedDM.ini file or in the game using the "Admin SetMOTD" command. Color codes and smilies are accepted.
NormalNameLimit The length that a player's name is allowed to be when color/effect tags are not counted
MaxNameLimit The length that a player's name is allowed to be when color/effect tags are counted
SingleVoting Enables or disables the ability for a single player to change the map by voting for it. This means that when enabled, if a player is alone in the server, they may mapvote and change the map as long as the map has been running for at least as long as SingleVotingTime (so that players can't enter early and switch the map before they enter.) When this option is disabled, two players must be present for a map to change by voting, no matter what.
SingleVotingTime The amount of time that must pass for a single player to be allowed to change the map by voting. Only applies if SingleVoting is true
bHardCoreDamage Whether to have hardcore damage on. When bHardCoreMode is true, the game will run at hardcore speed and players will have hardcore jumping height, but this must also be enabled for the damage to be hardcore.
MultiMsgs The messages that players receive when they kill other players at a rapid rate. Such as DOUBLE KILL!, MULTI KILL!, etc. These can be configured from here.
SpreeMsgs The messages that are announced when players kill multiple enemies in succession without dying. Such as Killing Spree!, Rampage!, etc. These can be configured from here.
EndSpreeMsg What to say when a player loses his killing spree due to another player.
SpreeSuicideMsg What to say when a player loses his killing spree by killing himself.
bLogIPs When enabled, EDM will keep a log (inside EDMIPLOG.ini) of all aliases (based on IP) that join your server
bUseNephthys When enabled, EDM will check to see if Nephthys is running on the server. If it detects Nephthys, it will use it Nephthys to obtain IP's and downloader information. This is recommended, since Nephthys provides a much more stable way of doing so.
bLogChat When enabled, the server will keep its own log of all chat (Say, Teamsay, and SpecSay) that occurs.
bUseUGHStats When enabled this server will report player statistics at the end of the game to the UGH stats server defined in the [EDM6_Server.EDMBaseMut] section.
MutatorVote Whether to enable mutator voting on the server
MutatorVotePercent The percentage of players that must vote for a certain mutator for that mutator to win the vote
bEndGameVoting Whether to automatically hold a map vote at the end of a match
EndGameVoteTime If bEndGameVoting is true, then this is the amount of time (in seconds) that the vote will last for before forcing the vote to end and simply choosing the map/mutator that has the highest number of votes.
bUpdateServerName If MutatorVote is true, then this determines whether to update the server's name every map by appending the name of the mutator to the end of the server name. This will allow players to know which mutator is running before joining the server. If MutatorVote is false, then this setting has no effect.
ServerConstant If bUpdateServerName is true and MutatorVote is true, then this is the part of the server name that will not change. For example, if this was set to "Smartball's Server", then the beginning of my server name would always be "Smartball's Server" and then the mutator name would be appended after it.
MutatorVoteEntries Each of the different mutators that can be voted for on the server. Each entry is divided into MutatorClass, MutatorTitle, and MutatorGametype. MutatorClass is the actual class of the mutator. MutatorTitle is the name for the mutator that will show up in the voting menu and in the server name (if bUpdateServerName is true). MutatorGametype is the gametype that should be used with the mutator.


EstablishedMutators This is a 50 string array where you can type the classes for any mutators you'd like to run. Normally to run mutators, you'd have to modify your command line, but this allows you to easily configure them right from your ini file
bUseEDMInventory When enabled, EDM will replace the Eightball, Minigun, ShieldBelt, Powershield and Jumpboots with "fixed" versions. The eightball rocket wad will display an explosion ring, the minigun will light up in the proper place, the shield belt will not cause script errors, and the jumpboots will drain when you land on your last jump. If this is enabled, MAKE SURE that EDM_Inventory is in your ServerPackages!!

(the following setting explanations were adapted from Wolf's UGHstats manual)

bNoEmptyReport If true, Server will report only games that actually took place. If false, server will report ANY game that ends. Games where the map is switched by an admin are never reported (because 'EndGame() event does not occur'). 'Empty' reports are considered those when maps had no players in them.
bReportBasic Report Game name, version, client minimal version and server location.
bReportBots If enabled, computer controlled players will be reported like normal players. A TYPE information is added, of course, so the stats tell you if a human player or a bot was reported.
bReportInfo Report hostname, short name, game type, number of players etc... you will not want to turn this one off...
bReportPlayers Should always be true, since you want stats on players after all... right? :P
bReportRules Report Scorelimit, Timelimit, Admin Email and a few other infos that you probably want to know....
bReportSpecs If true, report spectators at the end of a game too. While they will not have any score it may be of interest to you to see who spectates whom when...
bReportMapFileName Report an extra \mapfilename\ field with the actual file name of the map, since some map titles are undescriptive (when named things like Untitled).
STATSserver Contains the IP address or DNS name of your stats listening server (e.g. where netecho is installed) - note: the stats server should be fast to contact so don't run it half a roundtrip of the globe away from the Unreal server(s) you are logging!
STATSserverPort The port of your statsserver to contact.



xMaps A 1000 string array where you can set your server's map list.
xMapNum Used internally. Ignore this.
Maps The original 32 string array for setting a map list. DO NOT USE THIS. This array is ignored by EDM.
MapNum Unused by EDM. Ignore this.

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