What are voice packs?

Voicepacks are collections of sounds that exist for players to be able to use in the game. We all know that the only thing better than seeing text is HEARING text ;) To accompany the sound files, the voicepack also needs its own specific class for the game to read from. The sound files can either be embedded inside the .u file with the class, or they can accompany the class separately in a .uax file.

Cool, so..how do I use it?

The newer games like UT, UT2K3 and so on were specifically designed to handle voice packs, and so the player setups there incorporate them and give players an option to set them up. Since Unreal does not have this, the only place to set it in is inside of an EDM server itself.

First off, you can only use whatever voicepacks are available on the server. If the admin has not loaded a pack onto the server, then you obviously can't use it. When you know which pack you'd like to use, you need to find out what the classname of the voicepack is. When you find out the class name, you use the console command 'SetVoice' to set it as your class. For example, the Voicepack file included with this mod is named PublicVoicePack2.u. The voicepack class is PublicVoicePack2.PublicVoice. If you wanted to use this voice, and if the admin had it loaded on the server, you would hit tab and type:

SetVoice PublicVoicePack2.PublicVoice

If you typed it correctly and the voicepack was available, you would receive a message saying so. If you type something wrong or the voicepack is not available, you will receive a message saying so as well.

Once you have your voicepack set, you never need to set it again! It is stored inside of your user.ini file in a field that is read right when you connect to an EDM server. As long as the server you're playing on has the voicepack loaded, you will always be able to use it automatically from now on. The next question is, once it's set, how do I make the sounds? This is all done with another console command called 'VoiceSay.' Each sound inside the voicepack file has a reference number, and you use these numbers to reference each sound with the VoiceSay command. For example, if you wanted to do whatever sound #5 was, you'd hit tab and type:

VoiceSay 5

Every player in the server would then hear the 5th sound in your voicepack. If you enter a number that is higher than the number of sounds in your voicepack, no sound will play, obviously...

Voicepacks are annoying! I have to listen to people spam their damn sounds all the time!

Not a problem! Hit tilde, go to the client options tab in your console, and simply disable the "Play Voice Packs" option :)

I want to load voicepacks on my server. How do I do it?

Once you have a voicepack file, all you need to do is put it in your ServerPackages. It will be downloaded by all players, and whoever wants to use it just needs to do the SetVoice command to set it (explained above).

I hate this dinky PublicVoicePack2.u. I want my own pack - how do I make it?

The EDM3Voice.u file contains the base EDMVoicePack class. All voicepack classes must be subclasses off of it, and the code comments inside of the EDM3Voice.u file explain how to make it, for all you modders out there. The class EDM3Voice.EDMVoicePack expands Engine.VoicePack.

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