Installing EDM6

This page describes how to get EDM6 running on your server. If you are not familiar with batch files or running a server in general, please read this first.

EDM6 contains some folders in it. This part of the manual will deal only with the files that are contained in the Necessary Files folder. In there, you should see a System folder and a Textures folder. The reason that these folders are named this way is because the files that are in the System folder should go in your server's System folder, and the files that are in the Textures folder should go in your server's Textures folder.

Inside of Unreal.ini, your ServerPackages should be expanded to include the following items:

This will ensure that Skaarj and Nali players are given their proper team colors if you run an EDM team game. EDM_Inventory is added in case you have the bUseEDMInventory option enabled (this option is explained here.) Please keep in mind that some settings or mutators in EDM will require additional packages to be in your ServerPackages, so while reading the other parts of this manual, please pay attention to the descriptions of any settings/mutators that you would like to use.

Now that the ServerPackages is set up, you can begin customizing EDM's options. There are two ways that you can do this:

  1. If you launch Unreal from within your server installation, you will then have to go to Advanced Options --> Game Types --> EDM_Extra_Server_Config. From here you can configure all of EDM6's options.
  2. You can open EnhancedDM.ini and find all of the settings manually and configure them from there.
In addition to EDM's settings, you have to set up your server's map list from within EDMMAPS.ini.

A description of all of EDM's options, including the fields in EDMMAPS.ini, can be found here.

Once all of your options are configured, then the only thing left is to launch the game. This part of the manual assumes that you know how to launch a server and that you know what a gametype is. Because of this, the only thing that you should need to know now are the gametypes.

EDM6's Deathmatch gametype is EDM6_Client.EnhancedDM

EDM6's Team Deathmatch gametype is EDM6_Client.EnhancedTDM

Once everything is configured and you know the gametype, you should be able to launch your server and begin using Enhanced Deathmatch!

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